Wanna amp up your Monsoon Style Game? Get ready for all the fame!

Monsoon is a short distance away and we just can’t keep calm! You just know it’s time to temporarily change your wardrobe as it rains cats and dogs outside. Even if we love curling up in our blankets, eating delicious fritters, and just watching the droplets dance away from our window panes, we love going out to enjoy it too! It can surely be infuriating sometimes but eh, when fashion comes in the picture who doesn’t love to dress up? Nonetheless, if you are also amongst the pretty souls who find it difficult to tone your outfits with the weather, here are a bunch of monsoon styling tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. “It’s all Casual”

    Don't try too much with styles while rain is pouring down. You’re nevertheless going to get a bit of the rain once you step out and honestly, why not?! What we would suggest you to do though is to cool up your casual mode! Go easy in this breezy weather, with comfortable and totally monsoon-worthy clothing! Buy a few light-colored t-shirts, not forgetting the graphic ones- they are nearly impossible to ignore! Buy that perfect cloth material that can take you off from bed to work effortlessly. Mix it up with a pair of rugged jeans, and Voila, you’re good to go!

  2. Where’s that Cotton Shirt at?


Search for that tropical print shirt hiding in your closet because it’s time to bring it into action! No wonder a buttoned-down comfortable cotton shirt has its own charm. Moreover, how versatile it is to catch everyone’s attention because it’s just as good as your trendy sneakers. Tropical prints will always welcome you with a warm wide hug. To style the look, pair it up with pants or chinos and say bye-bye to your blazer if you want to add a dash of formal-wear. Instead, wear a nice TOSSIDO knitted Necktie i which you can buy from here and let your colleagues do the talking!

  • Shorter the shorts, the more you’ll rock!

  • Ask your semi formal shorts who have actually been so bored being buried inside your wardrobe more than any other wear! It’s time to bring them out. If you don't feel too comfortable about your legs, wear a cool pair of shoes which will do most of the talking. When combined with a t-shirt or shirt, you’re going to look amazingly dapper. However, never forget wearing pastel colored shorts which will unbelievably go well with the weather!

    For an indoor brunch or birthday, try a subtle colored linen or cotton shirt with a stylish knitted bow, paired with a pair of shorts. Choose to wear it with a pair of slip-ons or loafers for that perfect indoor-look. What an easy-breezy stylish outfit giving that OOMPH to your daily wear!

  • Strappy Footwear

  • Give your Nike shoes a break and choose an OOTD of footwear with straps on them! In short, remember to wear as sophisticated-looking slippers as you are because that’s just the right amount of casual and formal. It just shows how much you love your job, and of course mixing business with pleasure! Life’s already been so tough for all of us, don’t you think your feet deserve a little bit of air (and droplets of rain?) which ALAS, your sneakers or shoes don’t promise.

    Guys, remember a PRO tip you’ll surely need. A water-proof watch is a must! There are tons of them available in pop colors with silicone straps that look super chic. Wearing a watch makes you look classy and you might want to switch to a little expensive one which pumps up your confidence as well as keeps you shining! Also, most importantly, don’t forget to keep that umbrella handy!