Kickstart your skincare soon for looking A1 this monsoon!

Despite the fact that you may feel blessed by the rain gods for some time-out from sweaty summers, eh, your skin might have it’s own doubts! The moist, sticky, and humid weather in the monsoon is a total “BAD NEWS” no matter what your skin type.

Because of the moisture-laden air, it’s not unusual for you to encounter a fungal infection. Usually what men think is that as the temperatures are chilly, it wouldn’t really affect their skin. But frankly, rain brings with itself an entire set of problems which include acne, greasy or flaky itching skin and more.

Don't dwell on it, because we’re here to bring some useful skin care tips for you this monsoon season according to your skin type!


Be super cautious when it rains, especially if your skin is dry. Dryness is a clear sign of dehydration and an indication from your skin that it needs skin repairing vitamins. This issue only gets worse in this damp season.


  1. First thing’s first. Remember to cleanse. Cleansing helps remove pollution, oil, impurities and dirt giving you a fresh-looking face!
  2.  Don’t forget to moisturise after the cleanse. Moisturiser hydrates your skin and is a super important part of any skincare routine because it gives a helping hand in replenishing long-lost moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.
  3. A skin care secret tip for managing dry skin is using a cream-based cleanser and a good moisturising lotion to keep your skin healthy and nourished.


The scorching summer heat might be gone but your facial skin has other reasons to be oily! Of course, humidity can be a major reason but don’t forget the genetically determined hormonal changes that you might be going through.


Remember that you must:

  1. Keep your face clean. At least two or three times a day. 
  1. Also, the key to glowing skin is to exfoliate. Scrub your face at least 2-3 times in a week. Once you’re done with it, apply a light-weight moisturiser. This will help in unclogging pores and remove the oil and dirt stuck from the grime from the skin. Don’t overdo it while cleaning your skin as too much washing stimulates the skin to produce even more oil.
  1. A skin care secret tip for managing oily skin is washing your face with warm water because oil dissolves faster with warm water as compared to cold water. Don’t use hot water or else you might do more damage than good! 


Combination skin is a very tricky skin type and because it mixes two skin types: dry and oily, it should always be treated like two altogether different types of skin. It is usually seen as the T-zone being oily and the other portion of the face being totally normal or even dry. 

  1. The dry area should be regularly cleaned and regulated by light-weight moisturising.
  2. The oily part of the face needs deep cleansing, exfoliating and should be concluded with toning.


Dehydrated skin makes you look twice your age and we’re sure you don’t want that! Keep in mind that you need regular skin cleansing because it’s extremely critical while maintaining healthy looking skin! 

Keep in mind that these are just general tips for your skincare regime. If in case you feel like nothing’s working, we would suggest you to connect with a dermatologist.