Our custom-made ladies scarves are worn as an attractive accessory in the workplace or to show an association with a club or society. 

Scarves are available in 100% Silk or 100% Polyester with a range of fabrics available including twill (standard), crepe and satin. Our scarves can be made to any size or shape, but our most popular sizes are 137cms x 23cms and 80cms x 80cms.

The production process

We typically print ladies scarves rather than weave them, as woven fabrics tend not to be sufficiently light weight. Additionally, many designs benefit from a slightly translucent look, which is only possible using printed voile and crepe fabrics. Our twill is our most traditional fabric and provides the wearer with a heavier finish, whilst a satin option is extremely lustrous.

The minimum quantity for a printed scarf or square is 50 units but we offer jacquard trimmed scarves for smaller quantities. These use the same woven fabric as we use to make ties and so in this way we are able to supply orders of matching ties and scarves.