In recent times, the use of cravats has undergone a resurgence among the fashion-conscious Shoreditch Londoners and beyond. Whether you represent a discerning club seeking an alternative to the conventional club tie, a fashion designer desirous of creating a range of stylish men's cravats, or a company requiring formal work attire, Tossido offers a range of luxurious micro & silk cravats suitable for formal or fashion wear. Additionally, we also provide more durable and economical cravats designed specifically for corporate or wedding wear. Our products are available in both self-tied and ready-tied options.

To ensure that our clients' requirements are met satisfactorily, we offer a free, "no-obligation" design service. We encourage you to speak to our sales team today to identify the right product that suits your needs. In addition, you may also consider our waistcoats, which can be tailor-made to order.