10 Men Styles YOU JUST CAN'T MISS!!

Men's style and fashion trends have always been in the limelight. From the exulting fashion closet mixing of Ranveer Singh to Akshay Kumar’s minimalist style, Bollywood men are surely an inspiration! However, most men are not attentive to the finer details. Accessories for gentlemen often go ignored.


Ah, isn't that a huge gap in the Men’s fashion space or isn't that a sad reality or gender gap that we see. Considering accessories can simply just make or break the outfit and style. The way you carry these accessories says a lot about your personality. So beware, misters! At Tossido, we have outlined 10 of the best fashion accessories just for our guys out there. Trust us, you NEED these in your wardrobe drawers!


1) The All-time favourite: Classic Ties

Gone are the times when people used to think of ties as just an office wear. Ties have a different charm. You have a plethora of options to choose from.

Trying to keep it casual? Just roll up your sleeves till your elbow, and oh my my, poor girls, they just won't be able to keep their eyes off you!


Remember, classic all over patterns in microfiber and silk ties are for those important business meetings, vibrant patterned and printed ones for special occasions and act like conversation starters, helping you take your fashion game a notch higher! Don't know what to choose? Just go with the stripes- you can never go wrong with them.

Adding Pocket Squares to redefine the look: Pocket squares not only add a touch of refinement in every scenario, they can be worn as a combo in the same or contrasting patterns & colors .For casuals, you can pair it up with a Nehru Jacket or an open jacket, subtle yet so chic!

So to answer the doubts in your mind, NO there really isn’t a time or place in which wearing a pocket square is inappropriate. Rather, it will act like a splash of color when that particular “something” is missing in your OOTD.

2) Tie Bars

From initially serving the purpose of holding the tie with the shirt to making a fashion statement just by their presence, Tie bars or Tie clips have come a long way! When choosing one at a wedding or in a meeting, choose a bar of silver or gold. At a more flexible plan, pick from various casual tie bars in different colors and designs that will surely take your heart away!

3) Cufflinks

Wearing cufflinks makes you stand out of the crowd in a super elite way. For the people who notice every detail, it is warmth for their eyes! Not only do cufflinks serve the valuable purpose of holding your cuffs together, but it also helps you create a statement. Altogether it perfectly accessorizes your outfit, be it casual or formal, making YOU the talk of the town!

4) Belt

Belts are a simple choice, yet they remarkably help to balance your outfit together. On a more ceremonious occasion, try to coordinate your belt and footwear. For a casual event, you can choose to wear mismatched colours. To be honest, a matching belt and shoes casually can look strange.


5) Watch

Every man loves wearing a watch; it's inevitable. If your strap is Leather, you can match it with your belt, of course, at a proper formal setup. You can also go for a metal strap. Silicon straps go with a more casual look!

Currently, the trend calls for a smartwatch. If you have the budget, you should go for one!

6) Bow Ties


A bow tie is a brilliant choice and is chic beyond compare. Choose from plains or printed; this one is for the experimental kind, speaks of you being confident about your style!

7) Bracelets

Recently, bracelets have popped into popularity in the men's world of fashion. Leather corded bracelets are trendy and a treat to look at. You might want to steer away from leather cuffs as they look relatively outdated.

8) Shoes

Shoe styles are remarkably diverse. Our all-time favourite is Leather—no doubt that it is the best choice for almost every time. You just can't go wrong with them. Remember to wear sandals as casuals when you're out at a beach, and with them, socks should be a total no no!

9) Scarves


Scarves or Stoles as many call them are fabulous if worn according to the weather & occasion. A chunky woollen scarf in the heat is inappropriate for obvious reasons! There are beautifully patterned all weather scarves with matching pocket squares worn in different countries that help your attire get that lift in the easiest way possible.

A scarf is a unique accessory and in no time can help you provide a pop of freshness to your outfit.

10) Eye Wear

Got good glasses? Everybody's sight's set on you! Think through your facial shape when you choose eyewear. Got a round face? You'll look ravishing in a rectangular shape. Moreover, the faces with pointed features, like a strong jawline can, on the other hand, wear round glasses with ease.

Try these to amp up your fashion game, and thank us later!