Clothing Style: How Can Men Attract Women By The Choice Of Clothing!

Can your fashion style attract the ladies? Are you introspecting on this, dear guys? Wanna know if it actually works? Are you ready to go on a journey with us where you get to pick up your favourite outfit to dress and impress the women you want to date? Is it so simple? You wish! You just can’t grab her attention only by the clothes you wear, but a few pointers we’ll unfold here to increase your chances to get her. Check them out!


The main question: Does your clothing style attract the ONE who'll walk down the aisle?

Honestly, the clothes you prefer wearing reflect your personality. It’s true. If your style catches her attention, she's more likely to want to know you better. Nevertheless, the key is to pick a type that keeps you feeling at ease and be yourself. Tips that you should never forget: 

  • Always stay within your budget. Of course, you want to impress the woman of your dreams, but do you really want to go out of your way and regret it later when the bill  comes?
  • Don't ever, ever compare yourself! Dressing like somebody else just because they pull the kind of women you wish you could, isn’t something we recommend. You, anyway, won't be able to pull it off if you're not comfortable in it! So, what’s the point? Just  thinking about your image and not comfort, do you really want that? To be honest, that woman you’re trying to impress, she surely can catch how comfortable you are in whatever you’re wearing though- they’ve got that gift. *winks*
  • Girls love the effort, from how you show them that you care to the efforts you put in to get dressed-They notice everything. Make sure your outfit is washed, nearly wrinkle-free, and is matching. Your accessories and footwear should complement the choice of your tie, shirt, and pants. If the way you look is wholesome, you will attract the woman of your dreams in no time!

Pro-tip: Embrace life, and its colours!

Life’s full of beautiful colours. Please don't fixate yourself in the pool of black and whites! 

Want to be a go-getter? Wearing red is the best option. Wanna show that you're calm, honest, and faithful? Choose blue, you. Want a date that discusses politics and history with you? You got to go for grey, which will show how mature you are! 

Colours play with your psychology, and it indeed is an easy-peasy way to influence others. Some more tips to keep handy:

  • Wear yellow to appear friendly and welcoming. If you don't feel satisfied in bright yellow, try going for a pale yellow.
  • Earthy hues give the idea that you're an approachable and friendly guy.
  • To show royalty, creativity, and intelligence, you should go for Purple or Royal blue.
  • Dark colours like charcoal and Black give you a total "Khaamosh" (serious) vibe! So, choose wisely!
  • You can also go for Navy blue as it portrays a trustworthy vibe.

Don't Forget to mix these ingredients to make the perfect dish!

Dressing in a particular manner is one thing, but-

  • Your body language
  • Rolled up sleeves (OMG)
  • The way you make her laugh
  • The "vibe" she gets from you

surely acts like a cherry on the cake!

One thing to note is that, of course, it is super essential to pick a clothing style that would catch the attention of the woman you wish to find. However, always note that what's more important is to dress in a way that gives you a kick and makes you feel at home in your own skin.

Just to wrap up

By now, you know that the clothes you wear, the style you choose will attract the right woman, but it's even more important to select the style which makes you feel confident. Comfort should be a #1 priority as it does go a long way! When you feel great about what you're wearing, you automatically gain the confidence and power which will be a perfect game-changer for you!